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Be a brand in The Netherlands. It’s easy!

We believe that we have to keep it simple and easy to deal with. Without difficulties in language barriers, missing payment methods and slow web servers, we guarantee you a simple and complete online platform to keep your business up and running in Indonesia and abroad! Just that little bit extra; we like to see your business grow.

The concept of ProductsToGo was born in May 2012. With her own company she strives for better and a more easy access on the online Dutch market for small and medium sized businesses in Asia and more specifically, Indonesia. Her bond with both The Netherlands and Indonesia will be exposed throughout her business activities. In this way she hopes to bring more people in both Indonesia and The Netherlands closer together.

Besides running a small start-up, in this way she wishes to contribute to the Indonesian society. This means that she looks forward to working together with small projects which deal with Indonesian societal issues on a daily basis. So, let us know about interesting projects!

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Claim your unique company web page via ProductsToGo, including:
• hosting and maintenance of your web page
• your unique URL: .productstogo.nl
• translation service (texts in English and Dutch)
• two relevant photos of your company services

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We keep on working. You will be able to decide how to design your ultimate exposure in The Netherlands by simply adding more of your company services or upgrading your exposure by claiming your unique space in our (future) webshop.

Please let us know if you are interested and send us an email via info@productstogo.nl.
We are happy to welcome you at ProductsToGo!



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